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Project Details

  • Telco mobile app
  • Telecommunication
  • Mobile App Development
  • Kotlin, Swift, Java, MySQL


Develop the subscription and telecommunications account management application. A mobile application to directly deploy services to customers as well as allows customers to register, manage and cancel services on their own applications.


The client is the largest operator in Vietnam with more than 65 million mobile subscribers. They poses the problem of converting telecom operations from the work of employees / transactions to a smart mobile platform that directly deploy services to customers as well as allows customers to register, manage and cancel services on their own applications.


HuviTek with the advantage of human resources and a solid technological foundation, has been selected by the client to become a reliable partner in the implementation of this project. HuviTek has a strong power about mobile development with Kotlin, Swift, increasing performance and maintenance. Quickly grasping the needs of customers, HuviTek proposed to deploy the project under the Agile model to continuously improve the mobile application. At the same time, fully apply IT BA process, closely combining with the partner’s PO to build business documents and the system.

Main Features

  • 3 Login Methods
    • OTP
    • Face ID
    • Touch ID
  • Online services
    • Buy Sim
    • Change E-sim
    • Change mobile package
    • Buy SMS & call package
    • Buy data package
  • Online Payment Integrate many online payment methods
  • Customer service & Loyalty
    • Offer promotion
    • E-vouchers
    • Member point, reward point
    • Exchange points
    • Member rank management
  • Lifebox
    • Upload media (image, video, music, file, contact)
    • Data synchronization.
    • Download media (image, video, music, file)
    • Share media to everyone
  • Chatbot

Scope of work

  • Validation of functional requirements
  • Validation of non-functional requirements
  • Finalisation of detailed technical architecture and design
  • Set-up and configuration hosting environment
  • Backend development
  • Development of the mobile app(s) to curate the customer experience based on the functional requirements and wireframes
  • Unit testing
  • Funtional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Submissions to app stores
  • Robust project management through software development lifecyle


  • The project is getting to final phase on time and in budget with best quality.
  • Service run smoothly thanks to powerful technical support team.
  • Up to now, the mobile application has become a multi-service application with about 33.5 million accounts and about 800,000 daily users
  • Continue to support the client in maintaining system operation stability