Migration Service

Constant technology evolutions often lead to outdated systems and low performance, but these reasons should not stop you from gaining an edge over the competition. With HuviTek's legacy application migration services, you are constantly modernized to adapt to the changing business needs of lower costs and fewer risks.

With intensive experience in product development, a wide range of technologies, and different enterprise architectures; our team has ported and migrated many legacy applications to the latest technologies, not only significantly improving the performance and scalability, but also reducing maintenance and supporting costs.


We offer end-to-end porting and migration services, from system analysis, technical solution, planning, to implementation, transition and supporting.

Legacy Software Migration

We plan to get you the seamless transition of the legacy with efficient and secure frameworks. HuviTek provides Legacy Software Migration Services for porting from one platform to another, migrate from one database to another, data migration, integration and aggregation

Software Modernization

We provide Software Modernization with services such as end-to-end porting, modernization, and re-engineering. Our software modernization experts use update earlier versions of Java, Ruby, .NET, JavaScript, Perl, Python, etc. to cater to your business requirements

Cloud Migration

With many successful cases, we are proud to be a trusted Cloud Migration service provider in Vietnam. We offer everything, from moving a company’s parts of IT infrastructure, applications or processes to the cloud. At HuviTek, we use automated solutions to help our clients lower the costs, reduce their time-to-market, and improve scalability as well as accessibility.

UX Modernization

Whether you are seeking a solution to enhance the end-user experience on your website in cross-platforms or an embedded interface inside a product, HuviTek gets you covered.

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