Healthcare & Healthtech

Taking advantage of AI and digital technologies, developing healthcare applications on the web and mobile, desktop, and embedded devices with the vision to make the healthcare industry more consumer-driven and technology-enabled.

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

We helps healthtech startups, healthcare institutions to develop healthcare applications on the web and mobile, desktop, comprehensive cross-platform solutions that ensure positive patient and doctors experiences and streamlined workflows, take advantage of AI, Data Analytic, Digital Technologies and embedded devices. We provide caregivers with task-driven solutions that enhance diagnostics and treatment, improve medical workflows, engage patients, and tackle day-to-day challenges on the way to value-based care.

Healthcare Application

  • Healthtech startups
  • Healthcare service application
  • Gym and Fitness Application
  • Booking Platform
  • Digital health platform for IoT medical devices. Apply AI/big data for data analysis/insights.

Management System​

  • Pharmacy management system
  • Patients Management Software
  • Health Records Management
  • Facilities Management Software
  • Supplier and Distributor Management Software
  • Finance Management Software

Smart Medical Diagnosis

  • AI for patient monitoring and advises
  • Smart Medical Diagnosis using machine learning/deep learning (AI) to identify and diagnose lung cancer, skin diseases, muscle and fat measurement, and more through CT images.
  • Health data analytic

Nursing & Insurance

  • Nursing care system: management, collaboration and communication of patients, caregivers, admins of nursing home or in-home care support.
  • Insurance for Healthcare: Develop systems to leverage the management of claim process (claim, review, payment, etc.)

Software Development for Medical Equipment​

  • Radiology Imaging Equipment
  • Medical Testing Equipment
  • Medical Treatment Support Equipment

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