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Project Details

  • Online Education Platform
  • Education
  • Web Development
  • React.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL


An online education platform.
Members can watch the video and purchase optional products in the video. Individuals or organizations can create their own video platforms to upload videos themselves and import uploaded videos. Optional products can also be imported when importing videos from the publication.



  • Online classroom: purchase and watch video products
  • Optional purchasing: teaching materials,…
  • Coupon / Point
  • My Page (Personal information modification, status, etc.)
  • Comment/Reply


  • Play free public video products
  • Upload videos
  • Modify videos
  • Class status tracking
  • Video permission
  • Comment / Reply
  • Member Information Management
  • Announcement


  • Announcement
  • Course status management
  • Lectures management
  • Member Management
  • Payment Management