Education & EdTech

Building and customizing eLearning solutions, delivered some edtech projects, accelerate digital transformation to universtity, educational institutions, companies and startups around the world.

eLearning Development & Accelerate Digital Transformation in Education

We bring compelling experiences for educational institutions by providing outstanding Edtech services with AI assessments, immersive learning experience, interactive E-learning platforms, real-time monitoring of the educational process, skills assessment, and certification awards. Our service is also applied successfully to organizations incorporate pieces of training in various levels and departments.

  • Online learning platform
  • E-learning 
  • Chat
  • Video conference
  • School Portal
  • School Management
  • Learning Management
  • Course Management
  • Education management system
  • Exercises and certification system
  • Facilities Management Software
  • Supplier and Distributor Management Software
  • Finance Management Software
  • Library management software
  • University ERP
  • Personalized Education base on AI & Machine Learning
  • Student Data Analytic

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