UI design stands for User Interface Design while UX design refers to the term User Experience Design. User Interface Design is the design websites, software applications and machines with the focal point of user’s interaction and experience. Hence, the aim is to make the user interface simple and well organized.

User Experience Design is the process of strengthening the customer satisfaction and faithfulness of enhancing the usefulness, ease of use in products. Furthermore, user Experience encircles all characteristics of end user’s interactions with the company its services and product.

UX design is a more analytical and technical field whereas UI design is nearly similar to graphical design, though the responsibilities differ. Unarguably, both are mandatory for a succession of any product. The designer cannot think about UI without UX it seems as “writer writing a story without a thought”.

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

In IT Revolution, UI has been designed as an informative device for human interactions which include a mouse, light pen, display screen etc. Also, it describes how the website is designed. UI/UX plays a vital role in mobile applications because in the past UI design focused on a specific platform but nowadays, we have to think beyond that. It also reduces the cost of creating multi-platform applications. As a result it not only requires flexibility but the design and details need to be thought in its framework which would be useful today and in future. An innovative search engine like Google trying to explain how a user interfaces with apps “this throw more fuel to the fire”. And as we know “Good Design Is Long Lasting”.

Features Of UI/UX

The main purpose of the good user interface is to provide users with an understanding between user’s main motive and application functions in order to provide a solution to given task. UI features are crucial for social media and social networking sites. Additionally prime characteristics lead one towards creating a good user interface.

  • Simplicity

It is the basic feature of a user interface in social networking. Websites are relatively simple in color scheme and graphics. In social applications conversations take place in shared environment so brilliant visual design could create unessential buzz and also make it harder for users to focus on their conversations.

For example, WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications for social networking; UI is very simple, uses few colors and puts main features in the foreground.

  • Grab Attention At A First Glance

The designer should not waste application searcher time. Instead, the application must be robust to impress the user at a first sight. The user should easily understand and navigate the mobile application to know it adequately.

“A good teacher like a good entertainer first hold his audience’s attention, then he teaches his lesson.”

Facebook is one of the examples which grab attention at a quick look. It has got excellent features from sending text messages to user privacy to make it useful, attractive and easy to understand.

  • User Privacy

The application developer must implement the security model in the application. Good privacy UI and UX all about is actual trying to communicate with users. Also, a look see lets you know what’s being collected, used and when designers must mention why the specific information has been used so that users can easily trust.

The worst thing about being famous is the invasion of your privacy.”

For example, Paper by Fifty-Three App it is a multi award winning App. It lets you draw with your fingertips with a surprising level of detail. This App has no Buttons or settings to worry about but only a series of tools.

  • Attractive

A great user interface should be attractive, which makes the use of interface enjoyable. There is a need to make UI simple, responsive, capable and it does its job well. Adding a level of sparkle to the interface is different to loading it with a surplus look.

Tango App is another example of attractive UI design; it’s an amazing communicating app used for video and phone calls, texts. With growing users of 100 million, this app is one of the most beautiful Android UI design.

  • Forgiving

This feature saves the users from doing highly priced mistakes. For example, if someone by mistake deletes important piece of data, they could easily retrieve it back. As we know nobody is perfect so a person does mistakes and how well developer tackles these mistakes add quality to the software application.

Undo is one of the most common and useful means for forgiveness. If anyone deletes an email in Gmail there is an option to recover it using undo option.

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