The technology boom has changed the evolution of business worldwide, and it has become readily apparent that technology is the industry of choice for today’s ambitious entrepreneurs. In this competitive arena, however, Australian startup entrepreneurs can find themselves struggling with unpredictable hurdles and unforeseen roadblocks that can derail a dream before it gets off the ground.

While there are many factors to consider when starting a technology business, here are five that are critical for any Australian startup’s success:

Starting with right idea

The first challenge for even the shrewdest entrepreneur is settling on the right idea. It is difficult to overstate how important it is to stand out in a saturated market. A successful business idea depends on your ability to identify a unique opportunity in the marketplace; an unfulfilled niche where potential customers are looking for creative solutions to problems that no one else is addressing.

If your idea can address these needs with quality and value, you can absolutely increase your footprint in even the most competitive spaces. Customers spend their money for valuable things, and once you have identified your customer, it becomes your number one job to project the value and quality of your services.

This is where the concept of idea refinement becomes essential; your initial concept is like a rough diamond, which needs to be cut and polished into perfection. By soliciting feedback from customers in your targeted market, you can hone and refine your approach into the best possible solution for your customers’ needs and make your proposition more valuable.

Building an excellent team

No business can be successful without a passionate, focused and dedicated team, and it’s no secret that hiring employees can be nerve-wracking experience. Choosing the right candidates is absolutely critical to the progress and success of your business. Essential skills are needed for your business to survive and grow in a competitive world.

A good entrepreneur should know exactly how to find candidates with these essential skills; however, delays in finding right employees can also take up valuable time and create bottlenecks in the workflow. The best approach is often a combination of outsourcing recruitment to credible agencies and reviewing potential candidates to determine the best fit for your company’s particular needs and culture.

Raising capital

Coming up with a brilliant business idea is hard, but free. But the costs of finding workspaces, hiring employees and doing product rollouts can get very high quickly. Startups can find it difficult and stressful to get business loans, in part because of the credit crunch from the financial crisis in 2008. Crowd-funding efforts may not be successful when potential investors don’t see the worth or potential in a particular idea. Instead, they might pool resources and invest in the biggest, most promising businesses.

Raising investment capital for startups is no walk in the park, but there is almost always a way to overcome it. You must develop and refine your ability to sell your idea and vision to potential investors, to communicate with your passion and confidence, to overcome objections and show them the wisdom of investing in your business. In addition, you can solicit family and friends for personal loans and negotiate lower interest rates than those that the banks charge. Another possibility is to obtain a secured loan using your own properties as collateral.

Customer loyalty

The most important thing for all Australian startups is to earn and keep the trust and loyalty of your customers. The customer is the most important part of any business equation, and no business can succeed without enthusiastic and loyal customers. Keeping customers satisfied and regularly exceeding their expectations is the only way to build and maintain a successful business.

You’ll need to employ customer-centric policies and practices and put customer satisfaction at the core of your business philosophy. The product or service you provide is really only the beginning; even meeting your customers’ expectations is only part of your success. Providing every customer with a quality experience, consistently exceeding expectations, and establishing a reputation for excellence will ensure that your business can scale up rapidly and secure a prominent position in the marketplace.

Lacking of Advisor

As fledgling companies, startup founders find it difficult when losing vision in the middle of road. Consequently, this might pull down all efforts from the beginning to zero. Keeping your vision on track is essential to prevent your company from collapsing. Therefore, you need advisors. Even startups have brilliant ideas and concepts, but the term of how it works in reality is totally unpredictable. Obviously, this is a serious challenge to startups who do not have a strong and appropriate strategy. By analyzing insight product proposition and market segment, advisors can definitely guide you to the most efficient solutions. Also, they can give advice for your business to stand out in saturated market.

If you have idea for startup, and want to build a development team, let’s discuss where you are, what you’re trying to achieve and how we can help make it a reality.

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