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Project Details

  • Mental Health App
  • Mental health
  • Mobile App Development
  • SWIFT, Kotlin, Node.js, PostgreSQL, AWS, Firebase


A mental health application on Android and iOS, to aid transformation and help people shift/induce brain wave states (ex. Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gamma), activate/program the mind and body using entrainment with frequencies, binaural beats, guided meditations and visuals to enhance performance, aid recovery, healing, sleep, and to train the mind through active and passive audio and visual neuro stimulation.


  • Download, play and edit presets
  • Import media from device
  • Library for videos, images, texts and audios
  • Create your own program by combing multiple layers of videos, image packages, text packages and audios
  • Do setting for each layer with frequency, opacity, starting time, spacing time, duration, repeat or not non-repeat, adding background, random or non-random,…
  • News and article for mental health insights
  • Events list and event detail
  • Profile & subscription